To My Brother Who Let a Girl Get Inbetween Us.

Growing up we had our difficulties as any normal sibling duo has. We fought over what cartoon to watch, what radio station to listen to, and even where to sit on the couch. At that time, I would of rather of had a pet then a brother. Things changed for the better once we grew up.

I matured and realized that your pretty cool once you had a car and could take me to Taco Bell. We really started becoming close right before it was time for you to head off to college. I remember the months leading to you moving about 3 hours away; I didn’t want you to leave. With other issues going on at home, we both you wouldn’t be there to keep the peace. It felt like it was them against me without you there, but I got through it.

A few years later, you start talking about your new girlfriend. With you schooling based in Chicago, we didn’t see each other most of the time other than special trips there or you came home. The frequency of your trips home declined due to her and spending most of the time in her company. Less than a year and plans to propose to her arise, and it’s a shock to the family. It’s a shock due to use not knowing her other than what you tell us. With you being in love with her, what we hear from you is bias in every way. The family believed every word of your biased opinion and made her out to be this beautiful and intelligent women. The family met her twice before the wedding with this biased made opinion of her.

Without knowing who she really is or spending a lot of time with her to get to know her, legally she joined our family. People in our family had their hesitant thoughts about it being too soon for you two to get together: but you should know that our family makes this facade of happiness and reassurance. The wedding was beautiful, but the start of a whirlwind of problems that would hurt all of us later on.

The problems that occurred at the wedding are not significant in anyone else’s eyes. It was miscommunication between you, her, our parents, and her parents; and somehow it’s only our parents that you blame. From that day, there have been sides and I’m tired of it.

By no means am I saying this is her fault or anybody’s fault; that’s beside the fact. I am writing this to show how our relationship, as brother and sister, has gone astray due to all of these issues and problems. I wish that who we choose as our significant other would not affect the relationship I have with my sibling. I know the world isn’t perfect. Growing up it seemed like you were the only person that I could go to and be there for me, and now your not there anymore. I looked up to you, you were the peacekeeper in the house, and now your starting fights. It seems like you left us for her.

When I say you left us for her, I literally mean it. Think about it. When you lived in Chicago and not dating her yet, you came home for holidays and family events, and to see me, mom, and dad. When you started dating her you barely ever came home, period. When you came home without her you were constantly on the phone talking to her that it was rude to us, honestly.  Your excuse sometimes was that she has plans and you both can’t make it home to see us, and it seemed like you HAVE to be with her every weekend and can’t go without her even to see me. Another example, do you know how hard it is to realize that mom and dad have to go through another family member to just hear what you are up to?  Our parents are not meaning to be nosey, but they genuinely care about you. I still don’t know much about her and this is where she is beginning to move to my bad side. The whole family feels that she is keeping you away from us: and it’s obvious. I could go into more detail but I’d rather not because I’m sure you know what I mean.

I miss how close we used to be and hope one day that it can go back to the way it was. You are my older brother and I love you.


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