One Patient At a Time

Nurses fill the hospital with a sense of hope,

The bright blue scrubs radiate in the chaos,

But the nurse is trying to save the patient’s life.

Doctors fill the patient’s families head with worry,

But their white long coat ensures they are trustworthy

And the family allows the doctor to continue treatment.

The hustle of the hospital stresses the workers,

the scrubs tell the story of their 12-hour shift

while they work as a team to save lives

The doctors stress over the loss of their patients,

Their scrubs are soaked in blood,

The doctor tried everything they could do

The family in the waiting room is filled with disbelief,

the bright colors of their clothes cannot even brighten this moment,

the family is morning the loss of a loved one

The lifeless body lays on the hospital bed,

Their clothes are ripped, torn, and soaked,

The team steps away to catch their breath

The room is cleaned and prepped,

The doctors change to fresh scrubs

And prepare for the next patient.



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