The Girl and the Ocean

Along the peaceful ocean, a girl sits in the sand while being overwhelmed by the thoughts raging in her head. She looks around not understanding why everybody is so calm and relaxed while she doesn’t remember what that feels like. The sound of the waves gently crashing along the shore invoke a sense of calmness like those recorded therapeutic CDs. The people are laying in the little sun that is left before it disappears under the horizon. The occasional couple passes while walking barefoot in the ankle-deep water. Their voices relaxed and are focused on the other person; too focused to notice the girl in sobs as they pass. The girl wishes to be normal and not have so many issues. She doesn’t know what normal means but has been told she isn’t it. The girl wishes to be able to engage in a normal conversation without her emotions getting the best of her. The issues come from what people have told her, but it’s not what she truly thinks of herself. The sun sets and the sky is filled with oranges and yellow, but inside she is filled with blues and blacks. Just as the sun leaves the sky, so do the people around her.The darkness is consuming the sky and she misses the feeling of light on her face. The girl wishes should run away from all those drowning thoughts as she nears the ocean. With her feet in the salt-filled water, she feels the individual waves hug her legs as they pass through. She now feels one with the large body of water that surrounds her. Not far from the shore, a sense of belonging radiates to her mind and fills her body as she slowly starts to accept herself for who she is. The girl found herself in the ocean instead of staying lost on land.


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